PRICE € 3 -  Guided tour in English through the city. Departures from the Shuttle Bus stop in Arrecife. 1 Hour long
Walking is not my thing! And listen to you tell me boring stories, either!
Well, all customers who take the shuttle to Arrecife, will walk the same as us. (In addition, we will use a bus to get to the beach and the Parliament, all in the price.) The difference is that they will pass by surprising places and they will not know it. But we will visit it. And our explanations are about how our grandparents lived and how we live today, this is more a gossip and curiosities than a boring speech, do not you think? Of course we will give data to anyone who asks us. After all, we are official guides
  • Departure from the Charco de San Ginés. A cove, shelter for small fishing boats.
  • Visit to an inner courtyard, the only one left in Arrecife, where the family and neighbors gathered to prepare the utensils for fishing.
  • Visit to the 17th century church and the pedestrian street, 
  • Visit to the Casa de los Arrollo, a secret palace in the promenade of the city.
  • By  free bus to the beaches of Arrecife and Parlament
  • End of the tour
Arrecife is the capital of Lanzarote since the second half of the nineteenth century, Arrecife is the administrative and commercial center that houses a big part of the population. A marked maritime character is combined with the appearance of a defensive fortress and its current function as a city of services dedicated to commercial relations. It takes its name from the collection of reefs (reefs), small islands and volcanic rocks that stand out from its coast and prevent access.
Once inside the city, its marine state is clearly reflected in its streets and neighborhoods,  The city is home to shopping centers, numerous specialized outlets, gift shops and a series of small stores that sell their own luxury products and articles with careful attention to the customer; Therefore, it is easy to find a wide range and great variety of products, whether of local artisan origin or imported from the most unlikely international markets, such as the special state of the islands. It means that products imported from any country in the world can be purchased at the highest prices.

In addition to its role as a tourism tourist center, Arrecife is also of interest to the coast, with its variety of islets and reefs that have emerged from the lava flows along the coast, alternating with defensive castles built for protection against the pirats such as the Castle of San José, now converted into the International Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Castle of San Grabriel, linked to the capital by the Puente las Bolas bridge. Finally, one of the most visited tourist attractions is the Charco de San Ginés, a kind of lake formed by the entrance of sea water and surrounded by small fishermen's houses, next to it was built the old hermitage of San Ginés, which today is has become the Church of San Ginés

    S. Gabriel - Arrecife

         S. José - Arrecife


C/ Fray Luis nº 7 Arrecife (Lanzarote)


+34 665 673 604

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